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Human Resource Development

If you are about to reorganise your company structure, if you're planning the short-term strategic focus points of your business or if you want your staff to be more efficient, the we are the right partner for you!

The objective of our consulting is to put your business in a more competitive position on the market, while working closely together with your staff.Our experience shows that only satisfied and highly motivated co-workers who can identify with your business are fully committed to achieving the business goals.

We offer the following modules:

•  'Mystery Check' for analysis of the customer satisfaction
•  Analysis of professional training requirements based on the business objectives
•  Implementation of HR management tools - from job descriptions to appraisal interviews and meetings
•  Define the training focal points
•  Development of the training plans / ready for audit
•  Selection of trainers and briefing
•  Efficiency control and monitoring in the company/at the work place