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Our Business References:

Austrian Research Centers Seibersdorf
AMS Arbeitsmarktservice Lower Austria
Sparkassen of the region of south Lower Austria
Raiffeisenbank Gloggnitz and other regional banks
Austrian Federal Economic Chamber of Burgenland and Lower Austria
Manufacturers like Berndorf Band, Battenfeld, Outocumpu Neumayer, Schoeller Bleckmann Edelstahlrohr
City-marketing association Gloggnitz, Baden, Ternitz, Pernitz, Berndorf, Wr.Neustadt, Sollenau, Mödling
Small and medium-sized enterprises as the co-operative of Gewusst Wie Drogerien, Berger Sieghartskirchen, Perz Plan, Bauer Installationen, Lichtenwörter Hagebau Öbau NÖ, Hotel Marien Hof Reichenau, Steiner-Bernscherer Sollenau, Preis' & Co Pernitz, and more


Our Most Significant Projects :

Organizing and project monitoring of the plastic cluster Burgenland with 16 participating companies (about 1500 employees)
Project Schwarzatal: Dr. Erwin Pröll-future award milestone laureate 2004
Marketing consulting and implementation monitoring for ARCS Seibersdorf for the material and manufacturing division and competency center Echem Wiener Neustadt
QVB Lower Austria: regional coordination of SME cooperation in the field of professional development for the southern part of Lower Austria
Young enterpreneurs coaching for Sparkassen of the region of south Lower Austria
Monitoring of company take-overs
Subsidy consulting and application for small and medium- sized businesses
Coaching and subsidy consulting for companies networks, clusters, centres of excellence
Subsidy consulting and application for firms located in Hungary and Slovakia
Development and implementation of Intereg IIIA projects in Austria and Hungary