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Das Coop Consulting Team

Dr.Silvie Leeb: General Manager
"Well proven know-how for your benefit "
  •  Broad austrian-wide and international experience with offer development, marketing/promotion and market research in the tourism sector gained through her former position as a departmental head of Austrian National Tourist Office
•  regional and international experience in EU projects as a managing director of the regional development association "Industrieviertel"
•  creating aninternational partnernetwork
•  Human resource development Personalentwicklung in industrial enterprises, business concerns and small and medium-sized enterprises

Claudia Schiemer: Project Assistant
"Project management with success "

•  Bundeshandelsakademie Baden
•  Know-how in economic relations with Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Slovenia
•  Touristic experience by managing of a golf club
•  Operating experience working in an international Company as well as in the family business


Dr. Silard Csizmadia

Dr.Csizmadia Szilárd: Competence Central and Eastern Europe
"Europe is my line of action "

•  Business administration, economics und international diplomacy at the university of Györ
•  Study in Germany and Austria
•  Assistant Professor microeconomics at the university of Györ
•  Coaching education


Hannes Mayrhofer, Bakk: IT
"Technology that makes sense "

•  Business Informatics at the university of vienna and software engineering & internet computing at the technical university of vienna
•  integration of IT Solutions to reengineer business processes
•  IT security concepts